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Challenge proposal

If you have an idea of a challenge which you consider interesting and fun, it is very welcome on W3Challs!
We study all proposals!

Before you propose anything, please make sure that:

  1. There isn't already any similar challenge on the site: it may be the same vulnerability but with a different exploitation. The point beeing that your challenge needs to provide something new.
  2. The challenge isn't plagiarized from another site, wargame or CTF.
  3. Your challenge contains no guessing.
  4. You know how to solve it.

If possible, connect to our IRC and discuss of your idea with an admin. It helps to clarify things about your idea.

Is your challenge ready? Send an email to admin[at]w3challs[dot]com with the following information:

AuthorYour nick on W3Challs.
NameThe name that you wish to assign to your chall.
CategoryThe corresponding category. When applicable, also include the branch within that category.
PointsYour estimation of the number of points (difficulty). It can be changed afterwards with beta-testers feedback.
DescriptionThe description of your challenge, as written on the challenge page. It may include hints if required.
FlagThe hash of the flag that solves this challenge.

You can hash your flag with the following form:

If your challenge contain files, please join them in a unique tarball.
Moreover, if your challenge requires particular a execution context, please inform it in your mail. If we have to configure your challenge, please include a README.txt file that explains what we need to do.

Important: Send your mail from an adress you regularly consult. We will reply on this adress. We reply to all proposals. If you don't have any news during the week following your mail, try to find an administrator on IRC.


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